May/June 1998
Bluegrass Spinoffs

Robin and Linda Williams
Devil Of A Dream

Sugar Hill Records

If Bluegrass music is meant to be simple songs for simple folk, no one told Robin and Linda Williams. Sure you can listen to their music and let the lyrics slide over you; tap your toes at all the appropriate moments, get that dancy feeling with the rollicking "Things I've Learned" or have yourself a heartbreak in "Letter I Wrote," but perhaps you'd be missing something. I swanned around my living room the first time through "Walking Like A Man;" second time I heard more and wondered what are they saying? What was "it" which the writer saw, "a shadow in the sand, There against the setting sun, it was "Walking Like A Man." Set in the desert, the song suddenly gave me the chills. Robin and Linda create a lot of questions and don't stop to provide any easy answers.