Issue # 185
Charleston, South Carolina
February 11- February 24, 1998

Robin and Linda Williams
Devil Of A Dream

Sugar Hill Records

I'm not really sure how deep the well of talent is at this small North Carolina label, but it seems each time they dip into it they serve up yet another piece of savory Americana. This effort is yet another example of the fine bluegrass coming from this label. The Williams have been married for twenty five years and it shows. They have a level of maturity in their songwriting and vocal arrangements that is unparalleled. The harmonies these two produce could bring a smile to any bluegrass cynic's head. This isn't shown any better than in "Green Summertime." They also take a stab at covering the Everly Brothers' "I Wonder If I Care As Much" and treat it with as much respect as if it were one of their own. A touch of Cajun (with a deft use of the fiddle and accordian) can even be seen in "Rolling And Rambling," a paean to the death of Hank Williams. This album actually makes you long for the days of vinyl, because there really is not a track on here that the listener would want to skip. So, if you are in the mood for something a bit different, pick this one up, and toss it into that cold metal box known as a CD player.

__Ron Wilson