February - March, 1998

Robin and Linda Williams
Devil Of A Dream

Sugar Hill Records

This is an ambitious collection of tunes from a duo that doesn't have anything left to prove to the music world. Their artistry, being what it is, keeps Robin and Linda looking for the next brilliant song. Quite a few of the latest brilliant tunes are right here. Whether it's the lyrical elegance of "Letter That I Wrote," carried by Linda's gorgeous, emotionally redolent voice, the talking blues wit of "So, It's Like This, Man," the social conscience behind "Men With Guns" or the grasser onslaught of the apocryphal "At The Crossroads Again," Robin and Linda are the masters of all they touch. They've been at this a quarter-of-a-century now and, hell, they're in a class by themselves when it comes to Appalachian-influenced contemporary folk music. Outstanding support from Jim Watson, Andy Waldeck, Sammy Shelor, Tim O'Brien and Kevin Maul make this album as elegant and durable as a diamond. Get some.-

__Philip Van VIeck