IOfficial Publication of the
Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
April, 1995

Robin and Linda Williams
Good News

Sugar Hill Records

After twenty years together as songwriters and performers, each album that Robin & Linda Williams comes out with seems to be better than the last one. After twenty years of trying, this husband-wife couple and Their Fine Group is finally becoming an overrnight sensation and is being recognized as one ot the more popular performers in acoustic music today. This gospel album (fifteen songs) is in fact better than anything we've heard from them so far. And it's no wonder: both Robin and Linda have been singing gospel music going back to churches in North Carolina and Alabama when they were kids and are currently performing as part of the Hopeful Gospel Quartet, with Garrison Keillor and Kate MacKenzie.

This album features all the mix of material that you'd expect to find on a great gospel offering distinctive harmony vocals, soulful acoustic arrangements of traditional gospel songs ("I've Just Seen The Rock of Ages,~ Lone Pilgrim," "Good News"), rousing a cappella numbers ("Don't You Want To Go To Heaven," "He's Coming Again So Soon"), the Carter's Family's "Little Moses," Townes Van Zandt's joyous "Two Hands," and two new originals from the Williams~ "Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones" and "Let Us Cross Over The River "

The vocals are unbeatable and the bluegrass and other instrumentation is solid with Robin on lead guitar, Linda on rhythm guitar and banjo. Kevin Maul on Dobro, Hawaiian and slide guitar and Jim Watson on bass, along with three guests on mandolin, fiddle, harmonica keyboards and 12-string occasionally helping out the Fine Group. This album will help make you a part of Robin & Linda Williams' devoted following of fans that appreciate the talent of this newly discovered group on the touring scene for 95.