Americana Picks
JUNE 14, 1996

Robin and Linda Williams
Sugar For Sugar

Sugar Hill Records

My propensity for a sugar buzz is more than satisfied with this release from Virginia husband and wife duo Robin & Linda Williams. Rich in harmonies, original songs, and acoustic brillance, the lead-off title track features the rippin' dobro of Kevin Maul, and background assistance from Mary Chapin Carpenter and Tim and Mollie O'Brien. The Williams duo displays a great flair for creating contemporaly music that blends the best of country influences with bluegrass. "Border Bound" puts the pedal to the metal (strings, that is) and "Traffic Light" is a high-ticket favorite.

On the mellower side, the beauty of "High Atmosphere'' and Greg Brown's "The Cheapest Kind" will soothe you. And it's good to take a breather before you enter their "Honky Tonk Nation." Sugar for Sugar is for those who want the real thing. No saccharine or Equal here, please.

__ Rob Bleetstein