New Country
June, 1966

Robin and Linda Williams
Sugar For Sugar

Sugar Hill Records

This is one sugar high that won't promote tooth decay. As regulars on Garrison Keillor's popular radio show A Prairie Home Companion, Robin and Linda Williams have become permanent fixtures in thousands of homes across the nation. And, with albums like The Rhythm of Love, Live and their all-gospel recording Good News, plus constant touring and opening many shows for Mary Chapin Carpenter, the duo is attracting more and more fans to their mix of country, folk, gospel and blue grass music.

Sugar for Sugar should continue the streak. The album of 11 songs--10 written by the Williamses--ranges from heartbreak and love songs ("Sugar for Sugar" and "Together All Alone," which puts Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dom Perignon and jazz great Miles Davis in the same lyrical world) to a country alcohol anthem ("HonkyTonk Nation") and bluegrass gospel ("Streets of Gold").

Carpenter, who adds her trademark growl on the sing-along chorus of "Sugar for Sugar," is just one of a handful of notable guest artists on the album. She is joined by ace fiddler Stuart Duncan, mandolinist Jimmy Gaudreau and bluegrass duo Tim & Mollie O'Brien. It's quite a confection, the result of more than two decades of personal and professional partnership for this husband-and-wife team.