Country Music
June 1998

Robin and Linda Williams
Devil Of A Dream

Sugar Hill Records

By far the best of the new releases, rather than reissues, is another album on Sugar Hill from Robin and Linda Williams who have continually improved over the years to the point where they could well emerge with significant commercial success as writers or performerrs. So far, their best known song is "Rolling And Rambling (The Death Of Hank Williams)" via the recording by Emmylow Harris. On Devil Of A Dream the Williams duo offer an excellent, re-recording of the composition, along with other quality songs and performances. "The Genius" could wlll be about Townes Van Zandt and, like many of the cuts here, is helped along on dobro by the superlative Kevin Maul. Other highlights are the opener, "Things I Learned," with its particularly strong refrain, the unusual and humorous "So, It's Like This Man.." and other excellent originals like "At The Crossroads Again" and "Walking Like A Man." Devil Of A Dream is a Devil of a good, commercial, acoustic record.