Country Music International

Robin and Linda Williams
Devil Of A Dream

Sugar Hill Records

Devil Of A Dream is a seamless amalgam of American roots music encompassing cajun, honky-tonk, bluegrass, folk, mountain and hillbilly into a style that can only be described as the Williamses very own. They have perfected their sound over a career that stretches back to the early '70s and with notable musicians such as Tim O'Brien, Stuart Duncan, Sammy Shelor and Rose Sinclair filling out Their Fine Group, Robin and Linda Williams deliver the most musically-rewarding album of their lives.

Try to resist the sweet sounds of "Green Summertime," the hard-edged "Five Rooms" or the simply beautiful swing of "The Genius." Honest and heartful emotion makes for powerful communication, and the straightforward sincerity in Linda's voice makes this tune a a homespun masterpiece. "Things I've Learned" is bluegrass perfection, bent notes, high harmonies, hot picking and all. They reprise "Rolling and Rambling," their tribute to Hank Williams, which Emmylou Harris covered and also present a moving revival of the Everlys' "I Wonder If I Care As Much." The basic sound, built around Sinclair's piano accordion, is so economical and self-sufficient that the song's soul simply shines straight through.

Robin and Linda Williams have so many strengths, vocally and musically, that their songwriting prowess can easily be overlooked, They have co-written all but two of this baker's dozen, showing rare insight into the human emotion; heartbreak, joy, tragedy, greed, passion it's all there in the magical lyrics and insinuating melodies that they conjure up.

__ Alan Cackett