Close As We Can Get

Robin & Linda Williams

Dave Lawbaugh: drums
Dave Pomeroy: bass
(No One To Talk To (But the Blues), Daughter of McLeod, They Have Never Been In Love, Poor Red Georgia Dirt)
Larry Paxton: Bass (all remaining cuts)
Larry Chaney: Electric Guitar
(No One To Talk To (But the Blues), Daughter of McLeod, They Have Never Been In Love, Poor Red Georgia Dirt, and Pan American Boogie)

Chris Leuzinger: Electric Guitar (all remaining cuts)
Blaine Sprouse: Fiddle (Hillbilly Hell)
Robert Lamar Hill: Piano

Robin Williams:
acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals

Linda Williams:
acoustic guitar, vocals

Produced by:
Robert Lamar Hill
in collaboration with Robin and Linda Williams

Recording & Mixing Engineer:
Lee Peterzell

(Fifties Country, The Leaving Train, Hillbilly Hell) Mixed at Ironsides Studio
Nashville, Tennessee

(All others) Mixed at
Creative Workshop
Nashville, Tennessee

Mastered at:
Masterphonics, Nashville, Tennessee

Many thanks to all the musicians for their enthusiasm, to Lamar for the leg work, to Lee for seeing it through, and to Monty for the help.
1984 Flying Fish Records, Inc.

The release of this album marks eleven years of traveling and working together playing music. We're grateful for the time spent with one another and for the close ties we've made both at home and on the road.

Side One

Train Whistle Blues (2:44)
(Jimmy Rodgers)
"See the black smoke rolling, rolling from that old smoke stack"

No One to Talk to (But the Blues) (2:24)
(Wayne Walker & George Sherry)
"Sometimes when we quarrel the things that are said Will make you feel bitter when you'd rather feel love instead"

Hillbilly Hell (3:38)
(R. & L. Williams & J. Clark)
"Now I long for the feelings I gave up long ago Jusf to play the same chords and sing the same rhymes"

Daughter of McLeod (4:57)
(Robin Williams)
"The simple things that people seek were not hard for her to find For treasures fall upon the meek while others are left crying"

They Have Never Been In Love (2:49)
(Dave Edmunds)
"We'll just walk ahead they've already said They can't understand 'bout being one as we two can 'Cause they ha~e ne1Jer been in love"
Side Two

Fifties Country (2:52)
(R. & L. Williams & J. Clark)
"A dollar and a juke box is all I need and I'll shout my blues like fifties country"

The Leaving Train (4:02)
(R. & L. Williams)
"There's a broken link in the family chain And it's all because of the leaving train"

Poor Red Georgia Dirt (3:36)
(Gary Stewart & Fred Burch)
"The years of raising you are gone Think of all the work her tired red hands have done But your mama loves you son"

Pan American Boogie (2:51)
(Alton & Rabon Delmore)
"Listen here folks if you want to take a ride Get a ticket on the train called the L and N Flyer"

Don't Let Me Come Home A Stranger (3:40)
(R. Williams & J. Clark)
"Will there come a time when the memories fade And pass on with the long, lone years"

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