Dixie Highway Sign

Robin & Linda Williams


Peter Ostroushko

Robin Williams:
guitar (lead), vocals

Linda Williams:
guitar (rhythm), vocals, banjo

Peter Ostroushko:
Mandolin, fiddle, vocals

Bob Carlin: bass

Molly Mason: bass

Jim Watson: bass

Recorded by:
Jack Wright
Robin & Linda Williams
Peter Ostroushko
Doug Dorschug

at June Appal Studios
Whitesburg, KY

Produced by:
Doug Dorschug
Robin & Linda Williams
Peter Ostroushko

"Dixie Highway Sign" and "Step It Out Nancy" Recorded and mixed at Creation Studios, Bloomington, MN by Steve Weiss, Robin & Linda Williams, & Peter Ostroushko

1979, June Appal Recordings
The mission of this record company is to record music which carries on the folk traditions of the Southern Appalachain mountains. Robin and Linda could not have been more at home. Well versed in the old time country, gospel, stringband and ballad singing from their home region, they began to incorporate their songs into that tradition. The result was and is exciting. Original ballads like "Liza," "Murderers on the Cumberland Plateau," "Traded My Soul" and the riveting story of "Step It Out Nancy" fit hand in glove with traditional pieces like "The Johnson Girls," and jewels from Greg Brown, Russell Smith, David Olney and Butch Hancock, Peter Ostroushk's fiddle and mandolin playing is amazing.

Side One

Dixie Highway Sign (3:25)
(Robin & Linda Williams)

Bamboozled (2:02)
(C. Stutz & C. Barefoot)

If You Were a Bluebird (3:32)
(Butch Hancock)

I Pity The Mothers and The Fathers (2:30)
(Russell Smith)

Red Dancing Shoes (3:30)
(Peter Ostroushko)

Step It Out Nancy (4:30)
(Robin Williams & J. Clark)
Side Two

Things Aint Right (2:00)
(David Olney)

Liza (3:05)
(Robin Williams)

Traded My Soul (4:12)
(Robin & Linda Williams)

Johnson Girls (3:45)

Murderers on the Cumberland Plateau (4:21)
(Robin & Linda Williams)

Early (3:30)
(Greg Brown)

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