Jim Watson
"Don't Tell Me, I Don't Know"

    Fans of Jim will not want to miss the opportunity to purchase this recording. There are so many fine musicians who contributed to this project. You can order "Don't Tell Me, I Don't Know" by completing this form.
Produced by
Jim Watson

Recorded, Mixed
& Mastered by
Jerry Brown at
the Rubber Room

R&L Recorded by
Jeffery Romano at
Ben Cooper Farm

Photos by
Tom Cox & Anne Berry

Barker Records
132 Justice St.
Chapel Hill, NC

Jim Watson
Bill Hicks
Joe Newberry
Rebecca Newberry
Bill Newton
Robin & Linda Williams
Kevin Maul
Chris Frank
Leroy Savage
Tony Williamson
Gary Williamson
Jerry Brown
Alice Gerrard
Mike Craver
The Green Grass Level Entertainers
Scott Hoffman

    1) Them Beautil Bottles 2:22
    Hank Bradley

    2) Just Keep Waiting 'Til The Good Times Come 3:45
    Weslin, Christie

    3) I'm Going To The West 3:09

    4) Miss The Mississippi And You 4:02
    Halley, Southern Music, ASCAP

    5) Walls Of Time 4:27
    Bill Monroe

    6) Leaving Home 3:26
    Leighton, Leighton, Shields

    7) Elzic's Farewell 3:24

8) Faded Coat Of Blue 3:28

9) Bill Mason 2:54

lO) My Carolina Sunshine Girl 3:07
Rogers, Peer Int., BMI)

11) Young Emily 3:13

12) Mother The Queen Of My Heart 3:14
Bryant, Robers, Peer Int., BMI

13) Sugar Coated Love 2:12
Audrey Butler)

14) Reunion In Heaven 2:47
Flat, Scruggs

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