Dear Friends,
Greetings from a motel on I-40 on the outskirts of Ft. Smith, AR. We and the Fine Group, Jime Watson and Chris Brashear, are eleven days into an eighteen day jaunt away from home and so far have played nine shows and driven 3,000 miles. The music has been great fun, the crowds have been excellent and Turtle, the band vehicle, is running great.

We have a night off tonight and are going to watch the final game of the men's NCAA college basketball season on CBS as soon as we send this message out. All of us are basketball fans and we set up a pool the beginning of the tour. Jim Watson's choice, Kansas University, is the only one of our choices left playing. No one picked Memphis University which shows you how much we know. It does bring to mind the many nights over the years we have watched this game in motels and the homes of friends on the road..

Tomorrow we'll drive to Little Rock for the first of four shows this week. We're looking forward to getting back to LR as we haven't played there in several years. Many thanks to our old friend Ernie Oakleaf for helping make it happen. We all have friends in Fayetteville, AR and the presentor there, Mike Shirkey, and the Fayetteville audiences have never been anything other than terrific to us. Uncle Calvin's in Dallas is fast becoming a truly legendary venue on the circuit. We started playing there ten years ago or so and it has turned into one of our favorite places to play. An added treat to coming to Dallas is that we get to see Robin's parents, Murphy and Eunice Williams. It is delightful to have parents as two of your best friends. We've never played the Crossroads Coffeehouse and Music Company before but one only has to look at their web site to see what high company we're keeping. After Winnsoboro, we'll all head back to our respective homes..

The following weekend Robin and Linda will head to New York City for two performances at the Town Hall Theater with Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion. Also on the show will be Kusbandet, an incredible New Orleans style jazz orchestra, along with the legendary and indomitable Broadway star, Barbara Cook. Now you're talking. We're planning to stay a day or two afterwards just to see New York City in April. Yes, life is good for Robin and Linda..

We'll join up with Jim Watson and the Fine Group again the last of April and in May. We'll look forward to playing gigs again with Jimmy Gaudreau in Virginia and with Tom Corbett in Atlanta and at the Gamble Rogers festival. We're fortunate to have such good musicians and friends to play with..

Gotta go. The game's about to start..

Your pals,
Robin and Linda.


April 8 - Little Rock, AR - Christ Episcopal Church,
509 Scott St. -7:00pm - (501) 375-2342 .

April 10 - Fayetteville, AR - Goodfolk, 229 N. Block Ave - 7:30pm
-(479) 575-2556 - .

April 11 - Dallas, TX - Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse - 8:00pm -
(214) 363-0044 - .

April 12 - Winnsboro, TX - Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co.
7:30pm - (903) 342-1854 - .

April 25 - Buchanan, VA - Buchanan Theatre - 7:30pm - 540) 254-1212 - .

April 26 - Blacksburg, VA - BrewRidge Music Festival - 1:00 & 3:15pm
-(540) 626-7121x444 - .

May 2 - Atlanta, GA - Red Light Caf  , 553 Amsterdam Ave - 8:30 pm -
(404) 874-7828 - .

May 3 - Elkton, FL - Gamble Rogers Folk Festival at St. John's County
Fairgrounds - TBA - (904) 208-5210 -