Dear Friends,

It's a beautiful summer day in the Shenandoah Valley and it finds us getting ready for a couple of August gigs at venues close by that are near and dear to our hearts. The performance at this weekend's Oak Grove Music Festival has special significance for several reasons not the least of which is it will be Linda's first time on stage after having knee replacement surgery on July 3rd.

We are fortunate to have many friends help us through not only this recent surgery but also her shoulder operation in February. And we are thankful for the medical knowledge, skill and care that has enabled Linda to emerge from these procedures feeling better and able to keep on with an active life.

But, back to this month's gigs. We first played the OGMF 39 years ago. In those days we booked it, we used our sound system and, along with some friends, many of whom still work at the festival, helped run it. It's a wonderful setting with just 200 seats and they're filled every year with some of the best audiences a performer could want. So, if you're close, come see some live music.

And we go back to 1985 with the Lime Kiln Theatre and have been on that stage hundreds of nights over the years, not only in "Stonewall Country" but on our own shows as well. It's a real pleasure to know that are so many folks remember "Stonewall Country" fondly and this year we'll do a special set with nothing but songs from it. We're having fun going back to those songs and are pleased at how they stand the test of time. So, if you're close, come see some live music.

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And so we continue with what we do. We're rehearsing some every day and are enjoying the fact that Linda's stamina is returning. A friend came by yesterday and we did some songwriting. The garden is starting to come in and Linda has made bread and butter pickles. Some friends loaned us their complete series of "Deadwood" and we're binge watching it once again. Linda is at the end of her Edward Albee book and Robin just finished two books by Nigel Hamilton on Roosevelt, Churchill and World War II. Life is good.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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