August Already?

Dear Friends,

As hard as it is for us to believe, it's not just "August, already," but "well into August, already." We say, "Bring it on."  It's got to be saner than July was.

July dragged on like summers of our childhood, mainly because Robin's fall off a shed roof caused such turmoil. Linda and The Fine Group had to overhaul all the songs for some Trio shows, changing keys and arrangements on the fly as the dates were furiously approaching. Mark Dalton - yes he of the famed Huss and Dalton Musical Instruments - then heroically came on board and helped the Trio out on some shows. After a couple of weeks Robin, as his stamina permitted, started working his way back into the shows causing song arrangements and keys to change once again. And at the end of the month there were two more line up changes. Jim Watson had to miss a show in Connecticut, so Zack Deming filled in admirably for him. And the final line up change was a Trio show with just Jim and the two of us. So you get home, park the vehicle, unload the instruments, take some deep breaths and think about the last few weeks and, before you know it, we're a week into August.

Along with all the traveling and the gigs, we've been working with Eric Peltoniemi at Red House Records on completing the cover for our next CD, "Back 40." As with most things in life, it always takes longer than you think. But photographs have been taken, the artwork has been put together and approved, the liner notes have been written and the credits, song lyrics, and thank you's have all been turned in. We are happy with the outcome and, needless to say, excited to be so close to the release date in October.

In other news, Patti Simmons, our webmistress, has put a nice video on You Tube of us singing "These Old Dark Hills". It's a live performance from our set on the Music City Roots show in Nashville last October. Visit:

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: "The gene pool could use a little chlorine."

Thanks to everyone who let us know we were in your thoughts and to those of you who came out to see us carry on. And singularthanks go to Jim, Chris, Mark, Kim, Bill, Whit and all the other special friends who helped us make it through this past month.

It's nice to look forward to some busy days ahead. And It's still hard to believe it's August already.

Your pals,

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