Robin and Linda Williams: December's Doings and Deeds 2009

Dear Friends,
We hope everyone of you got to do just what you wanted to do on Thanksgiving. and that you will enter next week rested and rejuvenated. That's part of our plan here, rest and rejuvenation. We're a little early for the the December communique´ because we're having to shift gears from this year's slim-fitting, low-carb Thanksgiving celebration to that fast traveling and oh-so-glamorous life on the road. We figure we'll get organized early, get rested and rejuvenated, and then - just let the good times roll.  And in order to make that happen, we're getting the most important things done first. The other things, like plane reservations and motel rooms - well, they can wait until we get the word out to all the important music people on the planet.

December looms hugely on the horizon. We get to go on the road and play some fun places and then can come back home in time to get Christmas together at home.  We've been re-visiting our Christmas material and it's been large fun singing these songs again. And after Christmas we get to get together with some wonderful musicians and sing Hank Williams songs. "From Christmas to Hank Williams." If any of you can make a song out of that, have at it. Just give us credit for the title.

Oh, and if you're wondering about what to give a loved one for Christmas, think about Robin and Linda's Christmas CD, "The First Christmas Gift." Just go to our web site, to order it.

This weekend there will be a gathering of friends and family to celebrate the life of Mike Seeger. Few other musicians have had a larger influence on our music than Mike. We miss him but carry him with us each time we pick up a guitar, banjo, mouth harp or mandolin. We'll miss being with those who will be gathering but we'll honor him by playing the music that he so heavily helped to shape and guide.

From the "Of Interest Only To Robin And Linda Department," we've discovered what breed our dog is. After our dog Luke died last December, we replaced him with Tess, a small mixed-breed canine we got from the Charlottesville, VA SPCA. She's, to put it mildly, an interesting dog to look at. Everyone keeps asking us, what kind of dog is she? Until this week we didn't know what to say. Now, thanks to our friend, Geoff Pitts, we figured it out. She's a "Wire-haired Middlebrook Terrier," or, as we've already shortened it to, a "Wire-haired Brookie." This is a real load off our minds.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: "Ever stop to think and forget to start again?"

Okay, we gotta go. Look for us in St. Cloud and Zumbrota and Minneapolis and Philadelphia and Ashland and Harrisonburg and Rock Hall and Arlington and Charlottesville. We love playing for you. It's what we do best. It's how we've been able to have a life in music. Come see why we keep excited about music.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

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