February's Email

Dear Friends,
Truth be told, weather is on our minds. Yes, we did get some big snows last weekend but luckily the high winds that were predicted didn't materialize so, we were able to keep the porches and the driveways open with not as much effort as anticipated. The good news was we weren't driving around the country trying to make jobs. We've done more than our share of motoring on snow covered roads and have the stories to prove it. The last time we were with Kevin Maul he remembered being at the wheel when we plowed through a snowdrift on a Kansas back road and were blinded for five seconds. It seemed like an eternity had passed before we saw the road again and realized we were still on it. And now, as we write this, we hear about winter storm Kayla making its way across the country's midsection, right where we'll be in a couple of weeks. Our sunny dispositions require us to remember that Kayla will be gone by the time we get there. Winter traveling is always a gamble, but it's the type of gamble we've taken for most of our lives.

The long-term weather looks good for our gig in Glen Allen, VA this weekend where we'll play the Shady Grove Coffeehouse for the first time. A lot of our friends have played there over the years and we've heard a lot about it. It's finally our turn. Then we'll take a few days off before heading out to Ames, IA, Holdrege and Lincoln, NE and ending the weekend in Topeka, KS.

Speaking of Ames, today we were rummaging through some old memorabilia at our office and came across an old card from the staff at the Maintenance Shop in Ames congratulating us on our 15th straight year of performing there. On the mantle of the fireplace at the office sits a brick (an original from the building) commemorating our 25th straight year of playing there. On the 17th of this month we'll be going back again for the 42nd straight year. Holy cow, boys! Can that be true? Do they keep hiring us back to see if we'll finally do it right? Well, maybe! But we prefer to think it's because we've come to mean as much to the folks in Ames and the surrounding area as they mean to us. Whatever the reason, the Maintenance Shop is a "one of a kind" venue for us and we're looking forward to getting back there.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: A judge married me. I should have asked for a jury.

We were glad to receive so many book recommendations from you guys. They've all been noted. Having just read a book on Charley Patton, now his music is in our CD player. It is not easy listening but it's deep and captivating. We'll be hearing new stuff in his music for a long time. Also, a couple of Robbie Fulks CDs are in circulation in our house. This guy is the real deal. We got to be close up with him a month or so ago and enjoyed him a lot. We just wish we had more time for listening. We literally have to carve out time to sit and enjoy music.

Hope this finds you well and busy. Go out and see some live music the next chance you get. It'll be good for your soul.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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