Mr. Keillor Calls

Dear Friends,
It's unusual for us to hit you up twice in a month and if we didn't have some big news we wouldn't bother. But we just got a call yesterday from the good folks at A Prairie Home Companion asking us to join Garrison Keillor for his last show at the Fitzgerald Theater on February 27th. As many of you know Garrison is retiring at the end of this season and, though the show will continue with performances on the road from now until July, this is the last one at what has been his home theater for 40 or more years. Peter Ostroushko, Vern Sutton, Dean McGraw and Taj Mahal will be on the show as well, so tune us in on Saturday or Sunday. It'll be special.

It's interesting that we'll play Garrison's last show at the Fitzgerald and the following Friday play the first show at the recently renovated Wayne Theatre in Waynesboro, VA. This will also be a significant night for us as the community has made a dedicated effort into bringing a first class venue to the town. We are pleased they thought of us for the night they're opening their doors.

In the meantime we are traveling on dry roads under sunny skies with spring like weather in Nebraska and Kansas. We had great fun in Ames, IA on Wednesday and are looking forward to our gig tonight in Holdrege, NE. And we're praying the weather holds till we get home on Monday, Feb 22nd. Then it will back to St Paul on Thursday the 25th for the Live Broadcast on February 27th. That's fast traveling for us these days.

Bumper Sticker of the week: I was in the kitchen with Dinah.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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