Robin and Linda Williams: Ground Hogs and Tours: 2009

Hey Folks,

Yep, it's Robin and Linda again and we just received two emails from performers hawking their weekend gigs ( in California and one in Texas). So, in the tradition of all great American hucksters, we are proud to do the same.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, April 18, we're helping celebrate Earth Day by playing a benefit concert in Rockville, MD. What'll make it significant for us is having two special friends and musicians with us on the show, Alan Jabbour and Dr. Francis Collins. Google either one of them and you'll see why we're excited enough about tomorrow night to send out a special email. For those of you in the Washington, DC area, come on out and see some live music. As you may have heard, it makes you smarter. And if any of you outside the area have friends you think might enjoy the evening, by all means, let them know.

Here's the information:

Apr 18
Rockville, MD

A Special Earth Day concert
St. Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Road
(301) 530-2613 -
7:30 PM

Okay. That's enough. Hope you all are doing well.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda