June Is Busting Out

Dear Friends,  Greetings from the "sunny Shenandoah Valley" where "June is busting out all over" with steroids. It's been raining for almost a week. Enough already! Save some of it for August! No one can keep up with the grass in their yards. Let us get the tomatoes in the garden and some beans before we have to leave again. 

We just passed our 42nd wedding anniversary on June 2. We were married in Nashville, TN, where we had been living and singing together at open stages for a couple of years. We decided we had a future in music and, our thinking went, if we're going to be on the road together, why not get married. So we made the leap and now here we are. It's been quite an adventure, living and working with each other, everything we could have hoped for and nothing like we expected. And, amazingly, it's still fun.

There're some other personal goings on. Sixteen years ago we bought a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just north of Kitty Hawk. More than once we've thought to ourselves, "who would ever believe that wanging away on guitars and banjos would provide us with such a luxury." That house has been a great source of pleasure over the years. We wrote many songs there and, in fact, recorded all our vocals for the "Company Of Strangers" CD in its old, high ceilinged, juniper wood paneled living room. But life moves on and times change and we returned home from Southern Shores, NC last week, no longer home owners or tax payers in North Carolina. We're looking to simplify our lives and there's nothing simple about a second house. There were a lot of good memories made there. Now it's time to make some more somewhere else.

We'll start next week in Abingdon, VA where we'll join up with the cast of "Stonewall Country" for another ten shows. We had a wonderful three week run of the play in May at the Barter Theatre. The show was tight and we had a terrific time with the other cast members, all of whom brought their own "magic" to the production. Here's a link to a couple of nice reviews the piece received: http://www.robinandlinda.com/2015reviews.html

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: A guy gave me some batteries free of charge

We're looking forward to the summer's work, both here in Middlebrook and out on the road. Luckily for us, each day is full. We hope it is for you as well.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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