Marching South

Dear Friends,
We've had a couple of weeks at home doing what we usually do, working on and listening to music, reading, seeing friends and doing chores around the place, dealing with computer hard drive crashes, waiting through over lengthy visits to the veterinarian, worrying over the depleting propane tank as the temperatures dropped again, watching University of Virginia basketball and shoveling more snow.

Yes, we're still talking about snow. Last week we both decided that we'd seen the last of the salt trucks so we took our traveling van down to the local truck wash to get all the midwestern and northeastern road grime blasted off the exterior. Today we have several new inches of white stuff on the ground with more coming and the first thing we saw on our road was a salt truck. We don't have to leave for a couple of days and the roads will hopefully be dry by then. And this time we're Marching South.

We got a heads up from a several of you that our song "Dixie Highway Sign" was featured on National Public Radio's "Car Talk" a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for letting us know. These little things boost the spirits of those of us who work with words and music as we're never sure just how much our songs get around. Once they're recorded they just seem to disappear into the cosmos. However, occasionally they show up on the radio or in another performer's repertoire and we get to say to ourselves, "Hey, not bad. We're 'real songwriters.'"

Speaking of songwriters, we just found out that we're going to be sitting in with some "real songwriters" in a couple of weeks. We'll be in Nashville at The Bluebird Cafe with Pat Alger as part of the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival. Pat is a great guy and a "songwriter's songwriter" with more radio hits than we have fingers and toes. The list of artists who have recorded his songs starts with Garth Brooks, Nanci Griffith, Kathy Mattea and goes on as long as your arm. This will be a special night for us as The Bluebird is known as Nashville's home for songwriters.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: "Be nimble, run lean, stay safe" (words to live by garnered from a tractor-trailer in West Virginia).

We're getting excited about this little road trip to Texas and Tennessee. We'll see some family and play a couple of duet shows and do a little sightseeing. Furthermore, this trip will keep us in shape for April and May when we really get busy.

Hope this finds you well and busy and that we see you at one of our stops along the way.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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