Dear Friends,

Can May be here already? Uh, pardon us for asking, but what year is this? Oh, that's right, 2017! We knew that.

First, thanks to the many of you who have expressed concern and interest in Linda's welfare as she rehabs her shoulder. Total recovery is a ways off and she has to deal with soreness but she's working hard and did fine last week on our first post-surgery sojourn out into the world to the Maintenance Shop in Ames, IA (our 47th appearance there in 43 years). She sometimes forgets that, for the moment, she shouldn't always attack life, yesterday being a case in point when she busily started digging, separating and replanting hostas plants. Afterwards, with ice on her shoulder, she admitted that perhaps Robin should do the heavy work. Knowing you guys have had her in your thoughts has meant a lot to us.

It's been a beautiful spring. The forsythia, dogwoods and redbud were spectacular this year and it's hard to keep up with the grass. The place, as usual, is taking a lot of time. The garden has been tilled and potatoes, onions, peppers, green beans, peas, okra, cabbage and greens are in the ground and the squash, tomato and cantaloupe plants are in small planters waiting to be planted until we're sure frost season has left. Linda's flowers are all blooming and there are no shortage of plans for new additions and alterations there. And we had our first asparagus a couple of nights ago. For us having asparagus just appear each year in the garden is a sign of lives well lived.

It's time to get the traveling vehicle serviced. It's been sitting in the driveway inactive since January and, since we don't want it to be ignored, and since we've got some new songs that need to be sung in front of people, we've decided to get busy on the road. This weekend we're singing in a friend's wedding outside of Philadelphia and we'll follow that up with trips through Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York State. That should keep us out of trouble until June.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: EVENING NEWS: Where they begin with "Good Evening," and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

Hope this finds you healthy and busy and that we see you at one of our stops. Go see some live music the first chance you get.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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