Robin and Linda Williams: November's news

Dear Friends,
Good Saturday morning. It's a sunny day here in the Shenandoah Valley and we've decided to catch up with all y'all (as we say in southernese) early in the day so we can get outside. This is the last day of daylight savings time and we intend to enjoy every minute of that last precious hour. We're listening to Natalie Merchant's "Leave Your Sleep" poetry project CD. It's been in heavy rotation on our Itunes and she's adding even more radiance to this already bright fall day.

We have been pretty busy with road work this last month and we have one more trip coming up. After we get home we'll spend most of the rest of November close to the home fires. It's a pretty exciting time for us creatively and we have many irons in our fire. We're looking forward to getting some good work done on these several projects. Come December we'll get busy again on the road.

We are still stunned and saddened at the news of the death of Tom Keith, the masterful sound effects guy on A Prairie Home Companion. We were just with the APHC crew last weekend in Colorado Springs so, even though Tom wasn't at the gig as he'd decided years ago that he'd just do the home shows in St. Paul, it was a shock to get home from the weekend's work and hear that he'd passed away on Sunday. It's been nice to read the tributes about him in the press and from his many friends. Tom was the kind of guy who treated everyone the same. He was his gracious self to whomever came on the show be they famous or not. We went on a weeklong vacation with him once and still remember how thrilled folks were to know that the sound effects guy from APHC was staying in the hotel. We're going to miss him and feel so sorry for his wife and family who must feel as if they've been robbed of some good years with their beloved husband, brother and uncle.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe

Don't forget about our cruise to Alaska. It'll be a lot of fun as we all gather for music and merriment and see Anchorage, Ketchikan, Juneau, Seward and other fabulous sights. Lynette Miller has done a great job of organizing this for us. Her information is Cruise . Don't fail to contact her if this is of interest to you.

Hope this finds you all doing well and that we see you at one of the stops along the way.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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