Family, Furnaces and Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,
We're just back from a fun family weekend in the Washington, DC area where we all gathered for the baptism of our nephew's son. It's the first time in years we'd seen Robin's brother and sister and their offspring assembled for something other than a funeral or a wedding. Weadded a fewerrands on to the trip and bought some wine and a new computer and, while we were at it, decided to go see "Lincoln," Steven Spielberg's new film - which has a big R & L seal of approval.

We came back home Sunday with every intention of getting this newsletter out that night. That was before we found out that our furnace had quit. Since then everything around here has been in an uproar. Luckily we have an old friend that knows about "dual fuel"(note the rhyme) furnaces and a new friend named Bill in Palisade, MN who can supply parts for a thirty year old antique. Hopefully the parts will arrive and be installed before we have to leave this weekend.  

It's been a lot quieter around the house this week now that the election is over. We here in Virginia, a "swing state," were inundated with phone calls every day, most of them robo-calls. Linda once answered the phone by saying, "Is this a real person?" It wasn't.  

Bumper Sticker of the Month: "For God so loved the world that he gave us Darwin to explain it to us."  

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and, as it fast approaches, we're giving some thought to the many blessings we have been granted. Health, happiness and good friends lead the list. Oh, and having work that we love is a true Godsend. When people ask us if we are thinking about retiring, we think about what Garrison Keillor has always said to us, "What would we retire from?"  A musician must play - and having audiences to play in front of surely does make it a lot more fun.  So we hope we see you somewhere along the way when we get close to you.  

Your pals, Robin and Linda  

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