Robin and Linda Williams: What's Going On

Dear Friends,

As usual, there's a lot going on here. Most of it is boring (it takes self discipline not to tell you anyway), some of it you'll hear about in coming missives but, for right now, here's what's pertinent.

We're looking forward to what's ahead of us this month. We'll soon head to what's known as The Northern Neck of Virginia to the town of Kilmarnock down close to The Chesapeake Bay. It's not an area of Virginia that we pass by often, laying as it does between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. But, with its interesting country, good seafood and great audiences, we are always happy to make the trip.

We'll be back home for Thanksgiving and shortly afterwards will join up with Garrison Keillor for six trio shows in the Northeast. The dates we did with him last month were great fun. We've worked on stage with him for over 40 years and he continues to always amaze us. What a showman! He goes out and within ten seconds has the crowd in the palm of his hands. He talks for a few minutes and then calls us out, and the three of us sing and banter back and forth for a while. Then he talks some more and we go back stage and listen as the crowd erupts in laughter, over and over again. When he's done talking, we go back out again and sing some more and before you know it two and a half hours have passed and the night is over. There's no one that does anything even close to what he does. As he says, it's a narrative, not a concert, so we fit into that framework. If, at any time, you get a chance to see him (hopefully with us on the bill) don't pass up the opportunity.

Our world has changed somewhat with the news that Red House Records, is being sold. Beth Friend, who helped run the company after the death of her husband and Red House founder, Bob Feldman, called to tell us the news. We'll miss our dealings with her and the Red House staff, all of whom are talented, capable, efficient, and fun to be with. Over the twelve years we've been with them and the seven CDs we've released (along with several compilations) we've become friends with them all, to the point of where business calls almost always turn into extended conversations about what's going on in life. It was indeed a courteous gesture for Beth to call and tell us personally.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: My bicycle can't stand-alone, it's two tired.

We try hard to keep our ears and eyes open, looking for something to spark and motivate us. It's just part of the job. Today we find inspiration in the words of a dear and long-time friend who died yesterday and has been in the hospital since June fighting leukemia for the second time. Last week, before the pain IV caused him to stop communicating, he said to his wife of over 40 years, "I know it sounds crazy, but I feel lucky." Knowing someone who's that full of love at the end of life makes us feel that we're the lucky ones. We'll work hard to incorporate his spirit into our lives. Here's to you John Napolillo..

It's always good to hear back from you. We hope to see you at one of the stops we'll be making in the next few months.

Your pals,  Robin and Linda