September's Story

Dear folks,

Hope this finds you all well and happy.

There are a couple of CDs we want to mention. First, our new Red House Records CD, "Back 40," has got a street date for its release, October 22. The album cover was finished up just before we left for Barcelona last month and we're now waiting for some promos to show up. Even though we've been through this process 23 times before, it's still exciting when a new CD comes out. We're sure we'll wear you out with news of this CD as time goes by.

Also of note is a new compilation of songs on a three CD set, "Live at Caffe Lena:Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse,1967-2013." All cuts were recorded live at Caffe Lena's and we are included singing an old Blue Sky Boys song, "S-A-V-E-D." We can't wait to get our copy.

Life is all about change and yet so much stays the same. Our September story follows both of those old axioms. We got news almost immediately after getting home from Europe that what we thought to be fluid on Robin's left lung a result of a fall on June 16 was actually dried blood which had formed a rind covering about 1/4 of that lung. It needs to be removed surgically as soon as possible as the longer it stays there the more attached it becomes and the harder it is to remove successfully. So we are still dealing with the fallout of that accident. But it's the only way to get him well and the doctors and we are very positive about the out come. The operation will be on September 16.* * Unfortunately we have had to reschedule four dates in late September that we know Robin will not be able to make, and Linda will need to be with him. So the Linda Williams Trio is not an option this time.  We have already rescheduled our concert in Kilmarnock, VA to November 16, 2013. We are working with the good folks up in New England to reschedule the dates for the shows up that way. We were looking forward to them and will let you know as soon as new dates have been settled on. We are at peace with what we are facing. We are lucky to have a great community of friends and family and medical community close to us to lean on in times like these.

Meanwhile, we are so happy to be playing this weekend with The Fine Group. Jim Watson and Chris Brashear will head to Middlebrook Friday afternoon and we'll all be at the beautiful Sugar Loaf Farm for a concert to benefit our local Free Clinic which offers medical help to those who are in need. The organizers of the event tell us there are people coming from far and wide and we know it will be a special evening for all. Saturday night we will return to The Prizery, a gorgeously preserved old building in South Boston, VA that the good folks there have turned into a premiere performing arts center for south side Virginia. We are excited to be going back.

Our trip to Europe where we cruised around the coast of Italy on the Mediterranean Sea seems like a distant memory with all that has transpired in the last week. But we have lots of pictures and memories to prove we were there!!!

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: I didn't really grow up, I just learned how to act in public

Hope this finds you all enjoying some great late summer weather as we tumble towards autumn.

All the best,

Robin and Linda

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