Bluegrass Unlimited

September 1995


SugarHill Records
P.O. Box 55300
Durham, NC 27717


(You Can't Hurry God) He's Right On Time/ Many Rivers/ Stumbling Blocks And Stepping Stones/ Don't You Want To Go To Heaven/ Little Moses/ Lone Pilgrim/Good News/ He's Coming Again So Soon/ Two HandsrThe Touch Of God's Hand/ l'll Not Be A Stranger When I Get Home/Sinner Man/ l've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages/ Let Us Cross Over The River.
"Good News" is the album Robin and Linda Williams have always known they'd record some day but until now had never found a way to produce. Across its 15 songs, this CD spans the history of the country gospel singing both Robin and Linda grew up hearing and loving.

From the rhythmic "(You Can't Hurry God) He's Right On Time" to the tender refrain of "Let Us Cross The River," the Williams bring out every facet of the different strains of gospel and polish it like jewels.

The eerie title tune opens with a simple fingerpicked guitar and Robin's weary lead vocals, with Peter Madcat Ruth's hellbound harmonica moaning low behind him, setting a musical spell that utterly takes the listener to the heart of the song.

Throughout the album, great musicianship and wondrous slnging abound. In addition to the typically fine support of Fine Group members Jim Watson on bass and vocals and Kevin Maul's resonator guitar, slide guitar, and vocals, "Good News" adds David McLaughlin's mandolin and fiddle on the more bluegrass-sounding cuts like Townes Van Zandt's "Two Hands" (Sugar Hill, Box 55300, Durham, NC 27717)DJM

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